Energy & Resilience

Explore the 4 energy dimensions and develop your "self-awareness" to better reload your batteries, be more resilient in a continuously changing and fast paced environment
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Which energy to deploy?

Passionate by human relationships , exchanges and emotions, I help everyone to better know her/himself and to manage her/his different layers of energies. Well-being in the workplace but also in life in general is nowadays under the spotlight of our society. We need to be resilient just to cope with everyday pressure but also to handle major disruptions such as health problems, relocation, change in a relationship... 

I offer:

  • exercises and seminars for teams in companies

  • workshops on energy and resilience concepts 

  • an introduction to the pressure and performance curve

  • learnings on self-awareness through increased energy, aligning behaviors for more purposeful living and seeking emotional awareness


"It's not the time you devote to your work or family that brings real value, but the energy you bring to the time you have."

The Human Performance Institute

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