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Short breaks​

Explore your senses, recharge your batteries for some days in a confidential vineyard (Cognac in France, Vinho Verde in Portugal) : observe, taste, enjoy!

Discover short breaks : here

3 days is enough to disconnect

Passionate about human relationships, exchanges and emotions, I help everyone to let go for a few days. How does it work?

I'm not a big group of travel agencies, but a committed person who loves nature, meeting people and discovering local products (outside the mass tourism circuits). You will live an authentic experience and bring you to two confidential wine regions full of charm: Cognac and Vinho Verde, where I live part-time. 

For your private group or company seminar/team building, I can offer you a range of activities:

  • a short programme (around 3 days)

  • local visits and entertaining activities on the themes of your choice (cocktail workshop, wine blending, wine and cheese pairing, local cuisine)

  • private tours of the vineyards, restaurants and local specialties

  • moments of relaxation for you or your team reflection


"It's not the time you devote to your work or family that brings real value, but the energy you bring to the time you have."

The Human Performance Institute

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