Une histoire de famille...

Tout part du socle matriarcale: ma grand-mère, surnommée Nénette, perdue en 2017...


Nénette est une grand-mère française comme les autres.

Elle aime sa famille, ses amis et veut le bien autour d’elle. Elle travaille dur pour aider son mari dans l’entreprise familiale et s’occupe également de sa grande famille. Elle aime cuisiner et partager le plaisir de la table avec des ingrédients de qualité et servir avec de la belle vaisselle française. Tout est fait maison avec la liste de ses propres recettes, tout est bien organisé dans son agenda afin de garder contact régulièrement avec son entourage et elle tient à transmettre une bonne éducation sur l’histoire de la France, ses régions, ses terroirs, ses vins…

Write, Read, Share

These activities fosters creativity and help sustain energy levels while developing self-awareness.
I am here to help you with entertaining writing  and reading exercises to develop yourself confidence.
I also support companies with communication in writing up content (websites), compelling stories, advertising, translating to French...

It all started with a novel


Pain was so hard to overcome following the loss of my beloved grandmother that I started to write...
... Till publication of my first novel
"Nénette, l'héritage d'une sacrée génération"
published by Edilivre

A love for words

to share...

Passionate about writing, I like to mark down on a paper what my eyes are witnessing every day and the deep feeling with which my emotions pass through.

My humanitarian mission in Africa made me realize how deeply my body and my soul express high sensitivity. Every precious moment lived inside me abounds with a crowd amount of emotions that I have pleasure to share through my texts, articles, blogs ...

My goal is simply to share these emotions with readers, hoping to convey that same sensitivity to them. That's why I decided to offer my services to help everyone write down their emotions and retrieve self-confidence as well as to share feelings during entertaining sessions.

Discover my 4 books (English not available at the minute - looking for editor/translator):

Nénette, l'héritage d'une sacrée génération, Edilivre, 2017

Et si on appuyait sur pause? Amazon, 2019

Voyage dans les pays de l’Afrique Australe: Récits d’une voyageuse pour faciliter vos prochains séjours et sujet spécial sur les vins sud-africains, Amazon, 2019

L'Asie vous invite à lâcher prise, Amazon, 2020

A family story...

Everything starts from the matriarchal pedestal: my grandmother, nicknamed Nénette, lost in 2017 ...


Nénette is a French grandmother like others.

She loves her family, her friends and wants the good around her. She works hard to help her husband in the family business and also cares for her big family. She loves to cook and share the pleasure of dining with quality ingredients by serving beautiful French specialities. Everything is homemade based on a list of her own recipes. Also, everything is well organized in her diary in order to keep in touch regularly with her entourage and she wishes to transmit a good education on the history of France, its regions, its terroirs, its wine ...

La Petite Nénette

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