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It all starts with a glass of wine...

... This is the way to develop our senses, to share convivial moments and maybe, make nice encounters and network...
Wine can truly become a love story !
This is what I offer you through entertaining activities for your moments in family, between friends or seminars within your company!

My story


I started drinking my first glass of wine with a piece of French Camembert cheese and a slide of green apple with my grandfather...

Once adult, like many other young people from the 80's, also known as millenials, I started my wine journey with sweet wines, my palate being reluctant to tannins and complex wines. Then, I enjoyed very fruity wines with some sweetness during Christmas time, shared with my family. Also, I enjoyed the sweet Italian sparkling wine named "Lambrusco" for my first parties with friends... Afterwards, after visiting vineyards in France and discovering the work in the fields and the love for nature, the complexity of this chemistry and the winemaking process, the infinite combination of aroma influenced by so many external factors whether it is soil, climate, terroir or human work, I developed my senses and my love for this "Bacchus elixir"... ​


Today, tourism in the heart of vineyards while learning about wine has become a lifestyle to me. It is my pleasure to organize similar journeys for passionate tourists. This way of traveling is an opportunity for me to train and keep my wine knowledge up-to-date while enjoying time and learning about local cultures.

A Know-How

I offer you to share my passion for wine and their history from the New and Old World through entertaining wine tasting activities and development of your senses and emotions. I propose you a selection of wines that I studied previously. 
I got my certificate at the Cape Wine Academy in Cape Town in November 2017 (Certificate Cape Wine Courses).
Certificate of Connoisseur at Burgundy Wine School in Beaune, France.
WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Turst) Level 2 with distinction.
WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Turst) Level 3 with distinction at Château Pommard, Bourgogne.
Neuroenology training, Jean Lenoir Nose School, Paris.
Instructor  for the French Magazine
The nose and the palate, it is a matter of regular training...!


My Engagement


Pleasure, laugh and conviviality!
You will be uninhibited with a glass of wine and you will discover that it is finally not so complex to share your feelings and emotions from the tasting session...

You will be surprised by your senses...

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