Who am I?

My name is Audrey, and I could be qualified as part of the "millenials" generation. We say that this generation has never raised so many questions and is always defying society rules. We are world and life explorers, always seeking out answers to our existential questions. We are extremely curious about the furthest places in the world… We have a strong appetite to discover new cultures and keep contact with locals. In 2017, I left Europe for a 6-month humanitarian mission in the healthcare landscape in Zambia, in Southern Africa. I took the opportunity to travel through this African region. After this experience, I decided to share my passions, my knowledge, my experience and my recommendations around oenology, energy and well-being, content writing and communication, inspired by my encounters and travels...

  After a Master in an International Business School, I moved to Belgium to work as an International Buyer in the Pharmaceutical industry. Currently, I am a Communication manager, still in the Vaccines industry. I love working in a team for its human contact and I am also very creative, always testing new ideas. Traveling is for me also a great way to broaden my vision of the world, to enrich myself through various cultural discoveries, always generating more and more fresh and new ideas. I also got the opportunity to travel a lot in my previous job which certainly influenced my appetite and ease for travels.

Myself in a few words…

  • Sportswoman and always curious about new activities to try out (running, cycling, trekking)

  • Adventurer and a passion for motorcycling

  • A love for cooking and "French cuisine", but also a great curiosity and appetite for gastronomy around the world

  • Going out around a glass of wine with friends and a good meal (Pleasure starts with eyes on the plate !)

  • Watching cultural TV documentaries on countries around the world to leave me with new traveling ideas

  • Receiving hosts at home and sharing my homemade culinary specialties

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