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Who am I?

My name is Audrey. Curious about the furthest places in the world… in 2017, I left Europe for a 6-month humanitarian mission in the healthcare landscape in Zambia, in Southern Africa. I took the opportunity to travel through this African region. After this experience and a marvelous discovery of the South African vineyards, I decided to share my passions, my knowledge, my experience and my recommendations around oenology, energy and senses management, content writing and communication, inspired by my encounters and travels...

  After a Master in an International Business School, I moved to Belgium to work as an International Buyer in the Pharmaceutical industry followed by some project management and a role as a Communication manager. I love working in a team for its human contact and I am also very creative, always testing new ideas. Traveling is for me also a great way to broaden my vision of the world, to enrich myself through various cultural discoveries, always generating more and more fresh and new ideas. I also got the opportunity to travel a lot in my previous job which certainly influenced my appetite and ease for travels.

Myself in a few words…

  • Sportswoman and always curious about new activities to try out (running, cycling, trekking)

  • Adventurer and a passion for motorcycling

  • A love for cooking and "French cuisine", but also a great curiosity and appetite for gastronomy around the world

  • Going out around a glass of wine with friends and a good meal (Pleasure starts with eyes on the plate !)

  • Watching cultural TV documentaries on countries around the world to leave me with new traveling ideas

  • Receiving hosts at home and sharing my homemade culinary specialties

Career &


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